New GPU for optiplex gx280

Hi all, i am using a Dell Optiplex GX280 SFF with the 2.8ghz cpu, 2gb RAM, just to play IL-2 1946 (the old flight sim game) and at the moment i've upgraded the the PSU to 450w and put in a 7900gtx.

I run with the case opened but screened off and an extra cooling fan added.

But now with all the add-ons and mods it's no longer up to the task and want to upgrade.

I can pick up a 3.4ghz CPU for around £25 and with a trade in at CeX i could pick up a GTS250 for £40, but is it worth going to one of those OR an older GPU that would run better with the CPU?

I would prefer to stay with nvidia as i find they run the game better (have only tried the Radeon HD4670 in my Dimension E520 and don't like the strange graphics effects i get).

I really need to keep it cheap and so a new systems not an option at the moment, but maybe someday when the mortgage is paid.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated, many thanks.
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  1. The GTS 250 is going to be bottle necked by your CPU upgrade or not (then again for £40 it is a good deal). You could look into the 9800GT instead.
  2. Thanks for reply. For £40 i was thinking that it could it can't hurt really.
    But then again would an older card like a 7950gx2 run it better? perhaps being more compatable with an older pc?
  3. I would not bother with a older card. The GTS250 is a renamed 9800GTX+ which by it self is old enough.
  4. thanks for helping me make up my mind, i shall get the gts250 as soon as, much appreciated.
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