Corssfire 5970 with 5870

can i crossfire 5870 with 5970?my friend asked me i sayd yes because both gpu is rv870.i wanna sure about it.
and in amd 890 fx (asus) has 3 pci 2.0 16 x and it write 2 crossfire has 16x and 16x ,and 3 has 16x,8x
is it true?i think that 2 corssfire must dual 8x.if it's true(2crossfire daul 16x)what is the result?
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  1. Yes, you can easily crossfire an HD5970 with an HD5870. Just make sure that you raise the clockspeeds of your HD5970 to HD5870 levels to match them nicely.

    Yes, 3x Crossfire on the 890FX switches to 8x mode, which will NOT bottleneck any cards today. An HD5870 + HD 5970 will not activate 8x/8x, as the HD5970 is CF on one card.
  2. in amd 890 fx crossfire two 5870 is it dual 16x yet?did two 5870 support dual 16x?
  3. 2x HD5870 do 16x/16x, correct. 1xHD5970 + 1x HD5870 also do 16x/16.
  4. Yes you can crossfire them. There may be some issues if you want to use eyefinity though.
  5. so what is that issues?have you link?and i want the useful power for it.thanks
  6. The only issue is with QuadFire IIRC.
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