Rampage II gene for an i7 930?

I have bought most of the components for my new build they are as following:

i7 930
mushkin 6gb cl6
thermaltake element G
corsair 850hx
2X640gb WD caviar black for raid0

Now I need to find a mobo for under 230euros. The first thing that came to mind inevitably was the ga x58a ud3r but I find it ugly and it doesn't have any features that makes it very outstanding. The p6x58d-e costs 230euros here in Belgium whereas the ud3r costs 190 so the ud3r would definately be a better buy I think.

Then I thought of the evga 3way sli which costs 250euros here. It's a little over budget but it's doable. Then there is the evga sli le and the evga sli micro. Both are said to be very feature rich and very weak performers. So we can scrap those.

Then I thought of the rampage II gene which has no imidiate drawbacks IMO. It costs around 215euros here so that is perfect. It's feature rich, ROG and beatiful. But its mATX and my case supports atx. I don't need 3-way sli so what other disadvantages does mATX give?

And then there is a second hand Rampage II extreme available for 210euros.

Which would you reccomend? Why? And do you have any other suggestions?
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  1. go with the UD3R - it is by far the best bang for the buck when it comes to 1366 boards out there right now, its overclocking ability is as good as they come, and its packed with all the new features - usb 3.0 sata 6.0gb
    It also is very attractive in person pictures online dont do it justice

    the Gene series from asus is amazing, however half the features on them is worthless, if ur a fanboy and wana go asus then i cant say anything BAD about them, having extra stuff u dont need only costs more money.
  2. The Rampage II Gene is a micro ATX board ... which doesn't really make sense given the rest of your system (mid tower case).

    The mini ATX form factor is for LAN party dudes who need a very small system so they can cart it around easier. The Rampage board you should be considering for most mid tower / full tower cases would be the Rampage III Extreme. Read about this astounding board here:


    I'm dying to play w/ one but most peeps down my way are holding out for non-reference design 470's which are starting to hit the streets in the superclocked versions.....non reference designs w/o the factory OC shouldn't be far behind .
  3. Well I was supposed to build my pc months ago but my p6t deluxe failed. So now I need a replacement. I think the RIIIE is a beautiful board, but I don't think I need that kind of power. I also look at the asrock extreme3 but that has pathetic cooling performance.

    I know the RIIG doesn't really suit my needs but I like rog and was willing to pay a little more to get one. But since it looks l.ike I'm gonna be losing performance too I think I'm gonna go ga x58a ud3r.

    If I get an openbox ramapge II extreme for less than 250 would you reccomend it?
  4. i would never purchase an open box motherboard, u dont know what other people have done to it.....
    go with the ud3r, you wont be disapointed.
  5. eloplayspolo said:
    i would never purchase an open box motherboard, u dont know what other people have done to it.....
    go with the ud3r, you wont be disapointed.

    I don't like open box either just asking an opinion.

    I don't really care about price as long as it's reasonable. So if any of the other 2 boards is better than I'll get that

    So would you reccomend the gene or evga over the ud3r if price is no concern? The gene performs very well and I don't see it being worse than the ud3r in any way exept less pci slots and no usb 3.0(both are things I don't really have an issue with). And the evga sli looks pretty good anything I overlooked with that?
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