SSD and WinSat (WEI)

Ok, hopefully an easy one. Finally bought an SSD to put in my desktop. did a fresh install.. all drivers and updates etc... Winsat scored the new SSD 7.1! not bad.. I then followed a few guides online to optimise windows performace, editied registry so that my default program files is my "d" drive etc..

I just fitted a new graphics card, and when i re-ran win-sat it scored a measly 5.9. At first i thought the ssd could be failing but then realised the following.

i have the SSD (c) and 2x500GB RAID 0 drives (d) the SSD is silent and i only hear the HDD's when i am accessing information on them.

When i am running winsat, my HDD's are being stressed! is winsat testing my secondary drive, and if so why? and how can i change it back? i know its a fugure that doesnt show a lot, but numbers are fun :)

Thanks for any help in advance..
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  1. WinSAT is testing your secondary drive because you edited the registry so that your default program files is your D: drive.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will try changing it back when im next on there, but surely it would make sense to test the operating system drive as opposed to where programs are installed..
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