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alright so my computer crashed a couple weeks ago saying my hard drive could not be found. so i did some searching and found that this is usually caused by either a fried mobo or HD, or the HD has been erased. i finally found the OS disc and put it in and nothing happened. so i made sure optical drive was in the boot sequence menu from the bios to no avail. then i took to my manual and it said press F12 to get to a seperate boot menu not in the bios. so my question is how do i reinstall my bios using the cd? i also ran a pre-boot diagnostics test from that menu and everything came back fine except from the fact that my hard drive could not be found so is that a good sign that my mobo is not trashed? thx for the help
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  1. your hard drive might be dead, try plugging in a different drive and see if your computer can recognize it
  2. only thing is my HD is pretty new prolly only 2 years old so I don't get why it would be dead.
  3. it just happens sometimes
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