HELP! Asus m4a785-m doesn't recognize Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 RAM

Hi all. I've been trying to make it work unsuccessfully. My new computer is:

Motherboard ASUS m4a785-m
2 Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 800MHz (2x2GB)
HDD Samsung 150GB IDE
AMD Phenom II 955

When I assembled it and turn it on, it begins but I never see BIOS info (i mean, i only see a black screen). Tried several RAM configurations: A1/A2, A1/B1, A1, B1, but nothing makes it work. A neighbor had a Kingston 1GB 667MHz, I tried with it and worked.

The only one thing I've not tested yet is upgrade BIOS version. Could it work? Or maybe something else that I can't see? Thanks in advance
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  1. Try updating the BIOS and then clear the CMOS.
  2. That memory is in the QVL for that motherboard:

    DDR2 800
    4096MB(Kit of 2)

  3. Thanks but sorry, it didn´t work. I have the latest BIOS now but nothing happens with Corsair. I think there is a terrible design problem, it seems the pins are not in a good contact to my mobo. I tried pushing a little bit more my RAM and it suddenly shows a different message:

    Boot Block Compatible Version Ver.025
    Bad BIOS checksum. Starting BIOS Recovery...
    Checking for floppy...
    Floppy not found!
    Checking for CD-DROM...
    CD-ROM found.
    Checking for USB...
    USB not found.

    and the same and the same.

    I think Corsair has a terrible problem with this mobo because its heat dissipator. Any idea about this message? However, it still works with Kingston 1GB 667MHz :(
  4. @MRFS Hey, I looked at your link Corsair says "Guaranteed to work on all dual channel Intel and AMD platforms"... How could i ask for this warranty? I have 2 Corsair modules, I've just discovered one of them is damaged, as I saw today: it has one of its mem chips unwelded; and the other one throws the latest message I wrote. I bougth them from Amazon, but I'm not living in US now.

    Dissapointed until now :(
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