How to fix 0*02 SMART error in hard disk?

When I scanned with HDD_Regenerator software on my laptop it displays "There is 0*02 SMART error in hard disk".
What this means?
Is there is any way to fix that error.
System Details:
Please help me......
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  1. Get the Seatools package from Seagate's support site and run the full diagnostic. If you have smart errors reported then backup your data and RMA your drive.
  2. What does RMA mean?
  3. u should backup your data...

    u can tried to use "speedfan" to read smart data and explained what it's means for u.

    No thing can fix the HDD error (some profesional can but pricy), but sometimes the error do not spread....

    If it still under waranty u should try to RMA the HDD, if not keep eyes on the smart data, if the error increase/growing then it's time to get new one.
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