What Should i upgrade next?

Which Part should i upgrade next?

here's my specs:
AMD 2.7
Gigabyte GA-M61PME- S2 Mobo
2GB of Kingston 800MHz RAM
nVidia 9800GT
Jean-tech Aqua/ Raidmax Smildon case
stock CPU cooler
550 Watts HEC Non-Modular PSU

my case is pretty bashed up at the mo. it has large scratches on the side, no HDD LED, and the front two USB's work when they want too. let alone, no dust filters and Cable management hole's (MY psu Cabling is tightly compact, laying in between my RAM slots!) and i have one 120mm, fan cooling my HOT 9800GT.

but even though, that's pretty bad, i wouldn't mind a new RAM upgrade, but my MOBO only has 2 slot's, both filled (2X 1GB), so i will need a new MOBO. and i won't mind that still, as i could overclock my AMD, not like the Motherboard i own now. also, my MOBO at the mo, has a nforce chipset, which means my 9800GT gets a GPU boost, so i don't really want to miss that.

all in all though, all i got now to around £100, which i have saved for about 3 months, painstakingly, cutting the lawn, doing the washing up, and washing cars.
please help me decide what to upgrade, and please give me advise, what to upgrade it to.

i do ton's of gaming on the thing, and i'm building my own Computer game, which involves 3DS MAX, so i want mind a performance upgrade.
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  1. mmm get the cheaper case u find.. without psu cause u allready have one... and u can get another 9800gt maby? if u can do it with ur mobo... if u have more money next i think is the mobo...
  2. what cpu exactly?
  3. What resolution do you game at as well? The 8800GT isn't that bad of a card. More so if you stick to older/easier games.
  4. hello, here a response to your answers:

    1. I don't really want a "Cheap" pc case, since i was hoping that the next one i buy, i will keep for another 4 or 5 years.

    2. my Cpu is a 2.7 GHz Black edition Athlon 7750. they say it's pretty much a phenom. and that i can overclock the asses off them, but my Motherboard won't allow it.

    3. i play on resolutions around 1360*720@60 OR (At the mo) 1440*900@60
    i'm guessing i'm on SD since i'm playing through a VGA (Blue) Video lead.
    but apart from that, i can play pretty much most games on there highest setting without a glitch. i did have to put it on one down for Need for speed World Beta, but it still looked better then, say PS3 quality (nice monitor might of helped the marks aswell :P).
  5. so get a case u like :P and a mobo........but u will need more money.... a good case is the antec 300 ... mobo search the one u can buy..
  6. i was lookng at the HAF 922, or the CM Storm Scout, or the CM 690 II advanced, or the Kickass ThermalTake Armour A90. i don't know what to choose.

    fine, i'll just stick wit the Antec 902. (Doh!)
  7. dont get thermaltake they are baaaaad.... if u like the haf go for it.... i like the cm storm sniper but its more expensive :P
  8. Add an extra 2GB RAM first. That would help.
    Then a new full tower case.
    If you have extra cash, then get another 9800GT.
  9. lol dont XD ur ram is fine
  10. Juanchioo said:
    dont get thermaltake they are baaaaad.... if u like the haf go for it.... i like the cm storm sniper but its more expensive :P

    same here. if only i had that little bit more. but if i did, i would walk out with the Haf X
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