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I want to use my self powered computer speakers witch sound good. On my screen id like more control over the sound like simple balance Eq controls ect. What simple card does this please.
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  1. You should already be able to use your speakers if your motherboard has any sound output. The extra control is provided by software, and though a sound card's drivers should provide you with control over the sound of all applications it would be cheaper for you to just use the built-in EQ in windows media player, for example.
  2. Windows media player only has volume. My computer speakers are quite good quality. I want a semi pro type set up ware I can adjust more then simple volume like a eq program?
    My audio system for the home retails for about the same as a new mid range sports car, so im not expecting miracles. :D
  3. Look into Asus,Auzentech,Omega brand soundcards.
    If you want something simple and not too expensive Ncix has some Auzentech cards on sale this week.
    AuzenTech X-STUDIO Low Profile 5.1 Channel Sound Card PCI
    AuzenTech X-RAIDER 7.1 Channel Sound Card PCI
    AuzenTech X-PLOSION Cinema 7.1 Sound Card DTS Connect Dolby Digital Live Sound Card PCI 32BIT
    AuzenTech Bravura PCI-E 7.1 Sound Card X-FI EAX DTS Neo DTS Interactive Headphone AMP
  4. What do you have now? System specs would be helpful.
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