Best workstation/gaming graphics card under $1000?

Hi guys. I have a friend who is looking to build a new system and I need advice. He is a big amateur Maya modeler/animator but he also want to game successfully as well. My question is whether he should go for a workstation card or a gaming card?

I was looking at either:
For the workstation side (better recs are always appreciated :D)

For the gaming side ( I am leaning for this mainly because I want my hand on a 5970! :P)

Either way the drivers won't work very well but I am wondering how to best approach this?
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    i am not to familiar with workstation cards but from what i know , the work station cards are specially made for graphic designing etc and not meant for gaming ( you can use them for gaming BUT wont get much out of it). The 5970 i think would be a great choice for gaming and animation.
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