Cpu fan noise when watching mlb tv


My computer is 2 weeks old. After 1 hour playing MLB.TV my fan starts to hum. When I turn off the baseball the fan stops humming. This doesn't occur when watching other tv. The MLB tv runs at 3MBPS, I think my computer can't cope with this speed or the fan is faulty.
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  1. Neither, you just need a better heatsink if you care that much about fan noise.
  2. Thanks for your response. So if I return the computer and get the same model then I'll only get the same problem?

    How would I know which computer would have a good heatsink already installed?
  3. There wouldn't be, you have to buy one yourself and install it. Its really easy and cheap. All pre-built computers have poor heatsinks, unless you are using an enthusiasts site.
  4. Thanks again.
  5. You can vote me for best answer :)
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