Connecting another HDD with OS installed

Ok so I really want to be 100% before I do this

Will soon build a new rig and I want to transfer some files from my laptop to the new computer.

The case is a Rosewill Blackhawk, and it has a top HDD dock at the top were you slip in the harddrive (see pic)[a68ec0f883184d3c8ddd76605bf2adf2].

now can I take my hard drive from my laptop and connect it and transfer the files that way? or/and could that cause problems with two OS on a single computer?

Really don't want to mess anything up :D
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  1. I would just build the new machine... install it's OS and all Updates... then just use a flash drive or DVD's to move your data over.... you could install the laptop HDD and remove it but that sounds like too much trouble to me.
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    Bofink, the answer is yes, you can connect your laptop HDD while your desktop computer is running, that will not be a problem. It will take a few seconds for the PC to recognize the drive, and then probably a new "drive conected" message will appear. Then you can use Windows Explorer and copy your files.

    It seemed by the picture that installing and unstillaing is simply plug-in, plug-out...easy to do.

    Now just to be a little more specific, you have to plug in the second drive after windows is already running. If you boot with both HDDs installed, this could cause windows to fail to boot. It wont mess with your data, but you wont be able to get into windows. But there is no problem at all pluging in a second drive with an OS installed in a already running machine.
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  4. Thanks, excactly what I wanted to know :)
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