Getting the GTX 470 Gigabyte: Thoughts? Opinions?

ok, the GTX 470 will replace my GTX 260 core 216, and yes it will be complete overkill for my resolution (1440x900)

i have a 50 amps 550w OCZ Modstream, which should power it good, however...

i have heard of its heat issue, which is why i went for 470, since it is shorter, not so hot as 480, and i will get dx11.

I've heard of some people OCing it to 700 core clock...
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  1. The heat issue is partly due to an under-cranked cooling system to keep the noise down.
    It's easy enough to change the settings to get extra cooling for overclocking headroom.
  2. i don't mind the noise much, i'm used to GTX 260 core 216 at 100%...

    is that the same with GTX 470?
  3. I have read some customer reviews. Many says the fan isn't noisy below 65-75% speed.
    They report temps maxing out at 85c. That was normal even with the older 9 series cards and GT200 series cards!

    470 is an awesome card, don't mind what ATI fanboys says.
  4. Quote:
    Regardless of what fanboys say, the charts tell the real story.

    Your PSU should be fine with a GTX 470. GTX 470 power consumption with a OC'd Core i7 920
    The GTX 470 is showing some good numbers for DX11 which is a good sign when you're thinking about future games.
    To me it looked like the GTX 470 edged out the 5850 when AA/AF, SSAO & Tessellation quality settings were turned up.
    Thats a good thing for gamers who like the 'eye-candy' settings.
  5. cool, however about newegg...

    They say my gtx 470 is shipped, but i don't get any tracking number from UPS on the newegg address history page, what gives?
  6. interesting results indeed!

    It beats 5870 in some results, equals to it in other results, not bad considering that gtx 470 is about $50 cheaper.
  7. You might need to wait 24hrs or so to see tracking status on the NewEgg page.
    Might catch a glimpse of the movements sooner on the USP site.

    I've never been impressed by the 'fastest' claims. I want to see which one is 'not slower' in the minimum frame rate.
    I'd be willing to take a lower average FPS if the minimum FPS was higher, especially if the average is 40+ or higher, and smooth.

    Remember, your mileage may vary. Look at all the charts and try and figure out what is going on in your games. If you're not playing Game X - what does it matter that this card or the other is faster? Try and pick out trends in future games (like DX11, SSAO & Tessellation and the like) if that kind of stuff interests you.
  8. I think GTX 470 performance is good, you have to remember that this is early drivers for GTX 400s vs matured drivers for HD 5000s. I can only expect better results once drivers are improved.
  9. But at the same time you can be banking on significanly better performance while it my be the trends show that over time you'll get better performance with drivers you don't know how much of that happened while the development phase the recent 197 added quite a bit of performance so all I'm trying to get across is it's an uncertianty
  10. ah so...
    what driver is best now? 197.45? 197.41???
  11. They're getting pretty good overclocks out of GTX 470s too.
    First two charts are at stock - last two are OC's. (You can click the chart to get the article)
    It's interesting to read what AnandTech says about minimum frame rates here - same article you linked from.
  12. I'm still trying to make sense of some of the dueling chart results but I think this pair
    goes a ways toward showing something of a trend.
    Higher 'eye-candy' settings in chart 1 - higher 'twitch' gaming in chart 2.

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