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Best 19" on the market

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
December 24, 2002 4:12:44 AM

I'm in search for the perfect 19" monitor. If at all possible I'd like your opinions on a TRUE FLATSCREEN CRT monitor. I am a print/web designer and graphics are my fancy, so i'd really hate to wind up with a bummer of a monitor for a buttload of cash.
My main points are to be below a .24 dot pitch and a resolution of 1600x1200 at a fairly high refresh rate.
Also a black monitor would be great.
If you own a monitor w/ the specs I've shown, please feel free to toss out your opinion on the monitor you have now (positive and negative sides).

thanks guys

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December 24, 2002 5:26:25 AM

I've been extremely happy with a Viewsonic PF790 I bought for my wife. For $375 it looks nearly as nice as my $700 Iiyama Vision Master Pro 450. I hear Viewsonic is discontinuing this model and I think they are replacing it with the P95F which has great reviews.

Check out this article...

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December 24, 2002 6:05:08 PM

Also, I'm more interested in a Black monitor, basically just because the picture shows up brighter.
And another thing, when I say TRUE FLATSCREEN, i mean that the dot pitch is equal across the entire screen - not varying in the corners.
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January 3, 2003 4:05:39 AM

I'm looking foward to buy a mitsubishi diamond pro 930SB-BK
From what I have read on the net, it seems to be one of the best 19in monitors on the market... It also meets your requirements !
January 3, 2003 4:11:09 AM

The picture is not actually brighter, rather the contrast between the black and lit monitor are greater than contrast between white/beige and lit monitor. I hope you realize the black monitor causes more eyestrain and cannot pass TCO 99 b/c this.

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January 4, 2003 7:14:20 PM

You might like ViewSonic. I have an A90f+ 19". It's the retail store version of the P90f+. It's a true flat screen metalic on black with two brightness settings you can toggle, one for text etc. and the other for gaming, dvd and video.
ViewSonic has a $40 rebate on it now. I paid $249.95 after the rebate.

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January 5, 2003 12:25:07 AM

The NEC FE991SB seems to be a very large choice by many of the OEM computer companies selling in the non dell/gateway market. Alienware, ABS, just to name a couple sell these as their top choice for a flat crt monitor.
Black seems to be very common everywhere I saw it for sell, and it's actually a pretty cool design.

I'd have to say it is a rather great choice, myself. It's Superbright features are very convenient, especially if you do graphic design, or it's even a nice touch to brighten those darker lit games.

I actually asked this same question a few months back and decided on the 991 by a few others recommendations.

It's a good solid performer with easy controls (Naviset makes it even easier) and crisp text (in non-superbright mode), and vivid colors.

There's my recommendation :) 

Provantage was the cheapest place I found it, but that was a few months back. Put in a search at Pricewatch and see what it's going for these says. Prolly more than it was when it first came out. I noticed an increase right after I got mine for 225.

Good luck.

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January 5, 2003 12:28:54 AM

OH!, I forgot.

I Did run into a bad monitor with my initial purchase. I blame UPS for sure. The box looked like it had been through a war. However it's only fair to state that it did have a "discolor" to the left hand side at the bottom. Cause by UPS or not, I just thought it was noteworthy.

I actually posted that problem on this board as well, and was told that it was some sort of convergence problem and that the options in the monitor should correct that. Something to do with the "landing". Anyway, at the time, it did not have that feature, but the update to "Naviset" did have this feature.

I had already returned the "damaged" monitor at that point, and the one that came in it's place never had the problem that the first one did.

Again, I blame ups. Just thought I'd mention it.

<b>If it aint broke, then hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
January 5, 2003 5:24:19 PM

For a 19" I would suggest the Mitsubishi 930 or you might want to consider the 22" Mitsubishi 2060/2070. Without question these are my current favs for use with an application such as you suggest.
January 11, 2003 3:15:32 PM

I also have great experience with Mitsubishi monitor.