Lost Can't live with out word document

Trying this again to type......

Had document. Working on project. Came up with revolutionary ideas. Hard drive died after 5 months so I shipped old hard drive back waiting fora new one. So I was now using a external hard drive to save my stuff on. Using a friend's computer so I didn't have any of my file backup software on it (lost word documents has happen to me 10 billion times...not kidding).

So while I was working on my word document I had auto recovery on for every 1 minute and checked multiple times before I started typing (with other documents) to make sure it was working.

I have to leave my house for 20 minutes and tell my sister don't un plug my computer. I come back see my computer unplugged and computer shut down cause the battery died.

OK well auto recovery should have my word document for me. NOPE!

The file already had a name for it and was last saved the 12th. I was up all night working on it the 22nd. Nothing from the 22nd is there.
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  1. Does a program like R-Studio able to recovery word documents after a computer randomly shuts down? Can programs do that? I've been looking for answers online. Not really getting any good ones. Mostly mixed answers.
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