Can having a MB with another chip set cause issues?

Hey guys,

Im having a problem - this is my first post and Im not a hardware guy at all so please bare with me.

I did a lot of research before deciding to post - seems I got conflicting reports but MOST people said this shouldn't/won't be a problem. Im just not so sure myself so I figured someone with experience can help me.

In a nutshell - I have a fairly new PC.... most of the time, games run fairly smooth but on occassion and certain games I get just TERRIBLE frame rates. In Aion (for example), I can't even step inside the Abyss without my FPS nose diving (meannig - 7-12 fps). It seems, doesn't matter what settings or resolution I set the game at - I still get this problem even if I run the resolution at the same as my desktop (or less for that matter). I could run another game (say, WoW for example) and not have my FPS dip below 40... ever.... Then I can plug in X game and it may or may not work - It really just depends. Ive tried benchmarking systems that also seem to score very low for me. I can't seem to find any particular pattern except the game will work fine for the most part and then every once in a while it would nose dive to where I only get 5-10 fps... then it'll sort itself out and go back to normal. I find it very strange that gfx settings (going from min->Max) or resolution makes absolutely no difference in my frame rates.

I've tried everything on my system. Tweaking the CCC settings, updating drivers, running memory tests, formatting/reformatting Windows7, it doesn't seem to make any difference what so ever. Im hoping someone has some idea what could be the problem, here are my spec's below:

CPU - ATI Phenom II 950 @ 2.2 ghz (quad core)

GFX Card: ATI Radeon 4750

Ram: DDR2 4GB

Motherboard: ASUS M3N78 PRO -

Operating System: Win7 64 bit Professional

PSU 550W running at about 80-85% (according to the box anyways)

The ONLY thing I haven't tried to play around with is the motherboard. I've noticed that the chipset on this board is basically all nvidia - and since I am running pretty much all ATI products I was wondering if this could potentially be causing me issues. I've researched this as well and 90% of the replies are "no, absolutely not the issue". However, I get a few which says "yes, it WILL work but you might get some sort of conflicts with the onboard gfx card and your current gfx card". Im wondering if the latter is the problem Im running into.

Sorry if these spec's aren't 100% exact - again Im really not that much of a hardware guy... Just trying to figure out where the problem is and for the life of me I can't find it. My CPU seems pretty decent, the card - although not top of the line is not terrible (at least Im told) and although I could always use more ram from what I've read this shouldn't be the bottleneck.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try? Im almost out of options here - about to just go buy a new motherboard with all AMD chips JUST to be sure. I figured - I may as well post first just incase - as I dont' want to spend the money if it's not needed (or worse, I suffer the same performance)

Any advice you can give me I'd really appreciate

P.S My apologies if this is in the wrong sub - forum. I went with what I thought was the best choice :pt1cable:
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  1. I have read (can't remember where) that there CAN be an issue on Asus motherboards with a Nvidia chipset running ATI video cards....

    I stand corrected by Mazair, maybe it was crossfiring 2 ATI cards on a NVidia board. Sorry :P
  2. to OP
    Hello and welcome to the forums
    You said that you tweaked CCC,what settings did you change in it ? also have you tried running non-RTS games ?
    to foscooter
    That's not entirely true,a single ATI card should work fine on a Nvidia based chipset and vice-versa.
  3. well the nutshell is your problem. It is clearly too small for all the components.........
  4. Maziar said:
    to OP
    Hello and welcome to the forums
    You said that you tweaked CCC,what settings did you change in it ? also have you tried running non-RTS games ?
    to foscooter
    That's not entirely true,a single ATI card should work fine on a Nvidia based chipset and vice-versa.

    I tried to turn off AA (thinking that might be the first issue)
    Then I tried to move everything over to performance - no change
    Even tried to turn everything to "low" manually via sliders in advanced view - still no luck :(

    CPU - ATI Phenom II 950 @ 2.2 ghz (quad core)

    I think I found your problem, you have a cpu that does not exist. LOL

    Seems to me you have a Phenom I 9950, not a Phenom II 950. It's just not fast enough for gaming and is bottlenecking even that low end video card.

    Sorry, it was obviously a small slip - as Im going off memory from home :pt1cable: Its not a Phenom I - its definitely a Phenom II quad core - perhaps 940 is the correct number? (Im still at work so I can't check exactly). For sure though its x4 @ 2.2 ghz - but perhaps I have the numbers crossed (again, not really a hardware guy) :)
  5. Ah your probably correct sir... I just wiki'ed it and perhaps mine is just a regular Phenom I? I'm sure my dxdiag says differently but Ill verify that at home. Again I appologize for any confusion - Im pretty much a noob when it comes to hardware related things.

    This would explain the bottleneck much more :) So basically, seems like I should be upgrading my CPU.

    This one looks pretty much correct to me:
    Phenom X4 9500 B2 2.2 GHz 4x 512 KB

    Now - at least I understand the problem a bit more....
    So my next question would be, what's a suitable upgrade for me - assuming I dont wish to change the motherboard?
  6. Hi, why do you think your are bottlenecked, you could be but reviews of your cpu say otherwise like I posted. Do not waste money unless you are sure it is the reason for your troubles, ever since I have been on these boards people have, usually wrongly, stated that such and such is bottlenecked. Ignore such comments.

    True I do not know the source of your problems but it is unlikely to be your cpu.

    Oddly enough, a quick google reveals someone else with the exact same problem

    What other games give you trouble?
  7. Thanks for the advice ^^ I just typed out a full reply and the website lost it on me... makes me happy :)

    Anyways - your right I don't know for sure if the CPU is the problem. Im just going on what others are saying because frankly I have no clue. To go into the issue a little further, basically my FPS majority of the time is fine but at times (sometimes peak usage, othertimes in a town, sometimes when I just move my mouse in any direction) I get huge spikes (or valleys?) where my FPS goes from about 60 to 10. This is what's really making things difficult....

    Ive tried lowering my resolution or turning all the game settings on low - it makes absolutely no difference. I realize when a lot of things are happening on the screen at the same time the performance obviously takes a hit - but even with minimum settings I still get the same issue. On the flip side of things my GF has a very old PC with about half the hardware as I do and she never gets these types of issues.... really has me puzzled on what the problem is.

    It isn't game dependant at all - seems to happen almost across the board (WoW is probably the exception - I never get performance hits in that game for whatever reason). Everything else, it could be any "reason" but even me just moving my mouse all over the screen could cause it to hang up. I thought my GFX card could be overheating but I get about 60 C at idle and about 73 or so under peak load. I've also tried to manually enable my fan - thinking maybe that's still too hot but even with the temp stuck at 55 C I still get the same issues.

    I really appreciate your time and efforts - if you have any other suggestions (or questions I can help answer) I would be very grateful. Its beyond frustrating and seems like nothing I can do in order to fix the problem.

    One last thing I forgot to mention, tried to turn off virus scanning/closing all programs/ran driver sweeper to make sure I didn't have anything left over, etc, etc... running out of ideas :(
  8. Something sounds very wrong which might not be to do with the capabilities of the hardware.

    You have enough ram so it isn't hard drive thrashing or I would think not, you have formatted the drive and used a fresh install so conflicting programs probably wouldn't be it.

    However perhaps you should open up msconfig utility through the startmenu run option, disable most everything you can and add things till the comphas the functionality needed to run the game, it may be that some piece of software is causing the problem but I am not sure.

    Perhaps it is a component that needs replacing but I am usually hesitant to do anything that requires money as throwing it at a problem is not always the most efficient.
  9. No, the cpu is not the problem. I just linked to a chart that showed otherwise, games have no changed much in the last few years.

    You cannot throw around a speed as if it matters, it don't. Bottlenecking, another useless and meaningless term.

    Sudden drops in fps are not usually caused by a cpu, moving the mouse and having a sudden drop is definitely not a cpu issue. Just because detail and resolution does not make a difference does not mean it is a cpu bound situation, many times yes but not necessarily the case.

    Before upgrading, all avenues should be explored as it could be a software rather than hardwaare and if hardware, not necessarily a cpu issue. Stop making statements you cannot back up.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys - Ive been trying to tinker with my PC at home but still not getting much ... I know one game I play REQUIRES PhysX (nvidia) to be installed in order to work properly so I thought maybe that was conflicting. Uninstalled it but unfortuantely didn't make any difference :(

    As for the CPU - I can't really comment one way or the other because I dont know enough about it... but if that truly was the bottleneck I'd have a feeling WoW/SC2 would also suffer, correct? I can play both of these games on ultra settings (SC2 more on max because when a huge battle happens I dont want any slowdown/lag). I realize the CPU isn't top of the line but it seems to do the trick most of the time. I've also checked task manager during games Ive been playing and my CPU isn't maxed out (I dunno if that really tells anything or not - just making comments to try and help narrow this down).

    @Stranger - if you have any software (or even hardware for that matter) suggestions on things I can try I'd really love to hear it :) I appreciate everyone's comments - hopefully I can figure this out. If it is Hardware related, that's ok too - I just want to make sure so I don't upgrade, only to have the same issues.

    Cheers all!
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