AMDs Pre-Applied Thermal Compound

My friend has a stock CPU cooler for his AM3 CPU and it has a small circle of thermal paste already on it. The instrurctions say nothing about applying your own thermal paste directly to the CPU.

Is that pre-applied thermal paste good, or should he remove it with thermal alcohol and apply his own arctic silver?
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  1. Never used it personally, since he has artic silver I would replace the stock paste as artic silver probably works better.
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    its fine to use, but if you have artic silver, you may as well use it unless you just don't feel like it.
  3. Yeah he asked me to put it on for him, and I havn't used anything but aftermarket coolers in like 7 years and never even had a heatsink with pre-applied thermal paste, I looked at it and went >_>. Haha so I thought I'd ask here real quick. I'll just clean it off like I would any TIM and apply the artic silver then.
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