Windows freezes after Nvidia driver installed

I have a new built desktop (no overlocking):

Windows 7 ultimate 64
core i7 930
Asus P6T SE mainboard
corsair 6 GB ram
640 GB HDD
GTX 480

I installed every driver normally from mainboard disk. However, after I installed Nividia driver for the GTX 480 and restarted, the windows freezes and wont come in the desktop screen.

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  1. The mainboad disks drivers are undoubtedly outdated.

    1. Uninstall nVidia drivers, reboot.
    2. Use CCleaner to clean registry of all things nVidia or use driversweeper, reboot.
    3. Do Windows Update as many times as necessary to do OS Updates until it says "No More" .... do not install any "optional" / hardware updates using WU, reboot
    4. Install the latest drivers off the Asus web site, reboot as req'd.
    5. Install latest NVidia drivers off nVidia web site.
  2. yeah i did that. not working
  3. Was there ever a solution to this?

    Out of the blue I'm now suffering the same issue with my 480.
  4. You might want to start your own thread.
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