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i want to upgrade the graphic card on my PC and i am wondering what type of graphic card will be compatible. PC is used for games so i wish to use nvidia 9800 or nvidia 9600
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Please post your current PC's full specifications
  2. ^+1 for full specs :)

    and also post your monitor's native resolution and your budget for the card. :)
  3. What about a Radeon 5750 or 5770 for DX11 and perhaps eyefinity?
  4. sorry for not mentioning the specs. it's a Packard Bell iMedia x2416. i already bought an nvidia 9800 GT but i had to remove it after few days because is making a noise from the fan and is also getting very warm.
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    Pretty much any modern video card is going to get hot and/or make a noticeable fan noise. You can reduce this by getting one of Sapphire's Vapor X coolers or something like that but it will still get hot. Just make sure your power supply is hefty enough to meet the power requirements of the new card. 400W+ is recommended
  6. thank you for your answer. I do have a 405W PSU on my computer. i guess i'll have to buy a cooler aswell.
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