Looking for a advice when gaming at 1920x1080

Hello all, recently I posted a thread here
which explains I want to build a cheap gaming Pc over the summer. Well a few things have changed and I would love some advice.

Firstly my budget has come up to roughly £450-500 :). Secondly, I am using a monitor at resoloution 1920x1080, and I really dislike lowering this for playing games. On my current computer, I attempted to play GTA IV, and considering this pc isn't that old it was dreadful at the lowest res. My graphics card isn't brilliant (9500gt!) but I have also heard the CPU has to be excellent to run GTA IV, especially at such a high res. I dont mind playing a mid to low graphics settings, so I was wondering if anyone had some advice on the processor/graphics card/motherboard combo for the best price, please check my link for the pc I plan on building.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. X4 955 is a better buy than the X4 965. Either matched with a HD5770 will do well at 1920x1080 but if your budget is gone up, a HD5850 will do better at that resolution.
  2. Thanks!
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