AMD phenom x4 940 idle temp help!

Hey guys i just bought a AMD phenom x4 940 and installed it with a COOLER MASTER RR-H101-22FK-RA fan and its running at 55 C idle i know this fairly high and probably not stable for any type of heavy stuff. Is it because of the fan i purchased or could be the CPU?( i even got my side case open and plenty of air blowing through) The rest of my specs are:
If i need a new fan link me one thats around 30-40$ and ill take a look at it thanks
Windows Vista 64bit
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
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  1. Without a doubt I would say the cooler is to blame, that is a really low end cooler and I'm confident it is weaker than the stock cooler AMD provides with Phenom II.

    You can see on their website, that cooler is only designed to handle a TDP of 70W, your Phenom II X4 940 has a TDP of 125W.
  2. Is it safe to run on the internet and not heavy loads for a few days untill i buy a better cooler?
  3. Your fine as long as you keep it under 70C, and technically going higher won't damage the processor any time soon. You could also downclock or undervolt it within the BIOS, that'll reduce power consumption which in turn will reduce heat produced.
  4. I tried going into my bios but my cpu speed and stuff was grey and it said it is grey for the safety of the computer? help?
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