USB ports suddenly stop working when windows 7 boots

Hi everyone, first i want to thank you all for taking a time to read my question. Well the problem is that all the usb ports of my computer Alienware Aurora (Dell gaming edition computer) have stopped working in windows. Yesterday they were functioning normally, i didn't install anything or changed any configuration.Today i turned my pc on and the usb keyboard was recognised in my bios set up(i can use my keyboard only in the bios set up) and all the usb ports functioned as well while I'm in bios set up but when windows 7 starts the light in the keyboard goes off and it stop functioning as well as the usb mouse and any other ports so I can't type my password on the log in screen of windows. I guess it is a software problem but since i cannot enter in windows i can't do anything to fix it(My PC doesn't have any ports for old keyboards and mouse).Please if anyone knows what the problem might be or have any clue on how to solve it i'll be happy to hear you because i'm getting crazy with this problem.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Have you tried using them in different USB ports ?
  2. If you have the windows 7 installation disk try booting from it (the USB ports and keyboard should work) and do a system restore to a time when the USB ports were working.
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