Ideal power supply for 9800gt

i m having a nvidia 9800gt g-card bt in recrent days the card is crashing nd hanging too much all though i hav a sata HD bt i m totally shocked by sudden drop of my gaming performance.....i m playing games for 1 hour and... baam.... computer shuts down barely i can use my pc for 2-3 hours..i hav cleaned all my cooling fans nd the whole cabinet...nd updated my driver too latest edition...i want to know the reasone of this it for the power supply or the g-card got hot too much ..??i m regularly checking my cabinets heat nd my g-cards heat it seems quite normal....soooo what m i suppose to do now...??need urgent response...i cant take this nemore :pfff: :pfff: :fou: :fou:

my pc hav these things..
dual core-2.50ghz
ram-DDR2 2gb
motherboard-gigabyte s series(gaming edition)
hard drive-sata
drivers are all up to date

average heat of agp card is-67c while playing game-87c-90c
average heat of whole cabinet is 68-90... :o
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  1. Which PSU do you have currently?

    I would suggest you a Corsair 400CX Power supply:

    I am also running a 9800GT with this PSU for more than a year and so far this thing is rock stable. It can deliver enough power for a 9800GT.

    However if you wanna spend a little more then there is another awesome PSU that can handle any single GPU so if you upgrade in future you don't need to change the power supply:

    Your card's load temps seems fine to me.
  2. The temps are very high for a 9800GT, but that shouldn't cause it to shut down. Check your processor's temperature though...I believe your computer auto-shuts-down when it hits 65c or something.
  3. my processors temp is now 73c i don know what is wrong wid this piece of junk...!!!!
  4. Yeah that's a little too high!

    You need to cool it down somehow. What is your processor? Intel?
  5. sinners_body said:
    my processors temp is now 73c i don know what is wrong wid this piece of junk...!!!!

    Now that's wayy to high for a stock clocked processor!!

    Even stock cooler is sufficient for cooling a CPU at stock Speeds...
    Just Re-seat the heat sink that should help in lowering the temps. Also apply some thermal compound like Arctic Silver 5.
  6. bt i hav a good amount of cooling fans in my cabinet....sooo do i still need artic silver ..artic silver comes wid a gud amount of money currently i m going a bit low on money supply soo is there ne other prevent this problem??
  7. No, not at all. Your CPU is very hot, and no graphics or powersupply upgradr will help.
  8. sooo i need artic silver kinda thing very badly ...r u sure??
  9. What processor do you have?
  10. Don't get cheap just get a tube of arctic silver 5 and be done with it. Most cpus are not very stable at those temps except for mobile and some server cpus. Also check to make sure it it properly mounted.
  11. let see what happens....then...:|:|
  12. Before buying AS5(not ass) just re-seat the HSF. Maybe that alone would lower the temps :)

    Sometimes you might get crazy temps because of loosely attached HSF
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