Is a Dual-Core enough?

Would buying a dual core at this time be a dumb move?
Is buying an x2 260 and OC'ing it to 4 ghz worse than buying a x3 440 and OC'ing it to 3.45 ghz?
I know the newer game engines are being optimizes for Quad's.
If a game is only optimized for Quads, will a dual core not be able to run it at all?
I know Metro 2033's requirements state that you need any quad core or a 3.0 ghz+ dual core.
So if you have a 3.0 ghz+ Dual core will you be ok with the games coming out in the near future or console ports
that a lot of the times optimize quad cores?

Thanks, I was just really confused about this.
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  1. First I highly doubt you'll reach 4.0Ghz on an Athlon II X2, you'll just get close. In games that can utilize more than 2 cores, the X3 will be faster even at a lower clock speed, assuming your video card isn't limiting your fps. I'd honestly get the Athlon II X3, there is a really small cost difference between it and an Athlon II X2.
  2. Only poorly coded / ported games recommends a quad core CPU (GTA IV).

    Will games ever really use 4 cores (meaning properly coded games)? Yes. But it will be a long time (if ever) they will become the minimum requirement.

    I have a quad core. Why did I buy it? 'Cause I encode my DVDs (Blu-Rays soon enough) using the x.264 codec to MKV files (or containers to be a bit more technical) and that uses all 4 core at nearly 100%.
  3. Most new games are actually using quads. Battlefield Bad Company 2 pushes some quad cores... Id go quad, or get a good mobo and unlock a dual to a quad.
  4. Quad cores aare not really necessary. Im still using a Core 2 Duo 6750. Its clocked at 3.56Ghz. I have also got a Radeon 5850. They two together run all my games at nice speeds, including GTA4, which DOES benefit from Quad Core processors. The Core 2 I have is still fast enough. I played through Metro 2033 with no problems, I had all settings maxed except for the "advanced Depth of Field" DX11 feature, which halves framerates on almost all rigs. This setting was not necessary though because the game has DOF effects anyway!
    Crysis - another game which benefits from 3 cores vs 2 cores - runs on Very High settings with no problems.
  5. yes it's a dumb move to get a dual core at this time... cause newer titles r already coming that need's a quad... if u read or google search abt i7980x, in it's reviews and benchmarks of crysis island and warhead it actually uses more than 4 cores.... boosting the fps..(provided that a highend gpu is there) near future say abt 1 year or or less all games will come quad optimized.... so go for a quad.....
    and abt GTA 4 though it's a bad coded game still a famous one... and with patch 1.6 it really runs smooth... :D
  6. quad

    im so confused :s
  7. No confusion. If you can afford it, get a quad.
  8. Don't be so confused. It's pretty simple actually. A Quad is a better performer and future proof, but absolutely more expensive. It all comes down to your budget.

    If your budget is low, balance the components to prevent bottlenecks. For example, don't get a Phenom II X4 if it will cut the budget for a $50 HD4650, which leaves you no option other than the IGP. The result is obvious, the CPU max potentials will go to waste. Get an Athlon II X2 instead, and get the best GPU with the money left.

    Be wise in spending your money for a PC, plan your build by considering the purpose. That's an advice from someone who screwed up twice on PC build planning (that would be ME)... lol :D
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