Installing A770M-A motherboard

I have an Elitegroup A770M-A Motherboard. I tried to boot the system and it had no power. Thinking the power supply may have gone on me I bought a new power supply and installed it. Still no power. There is a black wire free, " not hooked up to anything " coming from the front panel where there is a led screen and into " I'm guessing " the power button. The red wire is hooked up. I guess I should start with the " wiring part " of the Motherboard to find out, what the wire is. Can anyone help me find a schematic, " I have no paperwork on it " to find out where this wire goes and maybe get some power going here ? I see NO light on the Motherboard and don't see where one would even be. Anyone know on that Motherboard if there is a light and if so, where I would see that ?
The power supple is good also, even the old one is good.

Thank you for any help !
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