AMD or Intel: 1670$

Hello guys. My birthday is coming up and i want to by a new system because i realised my athlon 3200+ is a bit slow :D

Anyway, the computer will be used mainly for gaming and watching HD videos but also some editing and programming (perhaps making Android apps for example, not building systems :)).

I also want the computer to be somewhat futureproof, for example AMD:s bulldozer and GPU/CPU are being released not far from now and im wondering if the Crosshair IV Formula will be able to take those parts.

Here are the two builds:

AMD:, Total price = 1670$

Intel: (Windows 7 OS will be bought for it) TOTAL Price = 1665$

Don't mind the Swedish language or the prices.

Hope you guys can give me some good advice!

// Daniel
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  1. If your main use is gaming, you could probably just go with an AMD build. You can save money by bumping that X6 processsor to an X4. The X4 works better than the X6 in games. Secondly, you don't really need a 1000w PSU. A 750 or 850w (depending on whether you'll crossfire and OC) will suffice.

    With those changes, you could bump the GPU in your AMD build to a 5870 and you'll be good to go.
  2. Fractal design never heard of them are they a cheap OEM PSU maker?
  3. Fractal Design is a newly famous company here in Sweden. The products are of quality.


    The 1000W PSU is only about 30$ cheaper then a 750W corsair for example, about the same quality.

    Il see about that lower CPU.

    More comments are appreciated and thanks to those whom have allready answered.

    // Daniel
  4. A 1000W PSU that's 30$ dollars cheaper than the 750W PSU? That's not rite.
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