4 AGP graphics cards to support 1600x900 monitors

Hi everyone

I have an AOpen motherboard MX46-533GN with a 4xAGP graphics card and SIS651 chipset. I have recently purchased an HP 2009v widescreen monitor with a graphics resolution of 1600x900. The monitor will not operate at the ideal resolution because the graphics card is an older type. Can anyone tell me whether there is a compatible graphics card for this combination?

I have set the resolution at the moment to 1024x768 which gives a slightly elongated appearance to the screen image which is more pronounced in graphics programmes rather than the internet etc.

Any help that can be give would be appreciated.

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  1. Do you have the dtivers for your specific monitor installed and what OS version are you using ?? IF you have not installed the drivers for that monitor chances are windows will not list that resolution as supported by it and thus you can not select it. Go here ( Link to HP Drivers ) and download and install the drivers for the version of windows you are using. After that try selecting the proper resolution again -- If that still doesn't work then go into the video card settings and set up a custom resolution (see windows help for specifics on doing this for your version of windows ( as long as both the monitor and video card will work with that resolution you can setup a custom resolution and use it fairly easily)
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