Which to improve performance


I have three options:
-new motherboard and CPU
-new video card
-new SSD 60-64GB

Currently, I am running
-AMD Athlon X2 235 (I think)
-nVidia GeFrce 8800GT 512MB (not GTS)
-regular SATA hard drive
-windows 7 ultimate 32bit (also have 64bit)
-4GB DDR2 800 RAM (since 32bit, I only utilize 3.xGB out of 4, unfortunately)

Which one will cause the most performance improvement?
A) AMD Athlon II X3 435 (+compatible motherboard)
B) ATI HD 5770
C) 60-64GB SSD
D) others (maybe RAM?)

Keep in mind I can only do one upgrade at a time and not able to upgrade to win7 ultimate 64bit (an essential program does not support 64bit) and using dual video card is not an option and each upgrade must be less than $200 (after ship and tax).

Why do I need improved performance?
Primary target: Gaming (bad company 2 to be precise, left4dead2 and other FPS games)
Secondary target: video conversion (using freeware winff to convert mp4 to avi/wmv), svcd2dvd (bought it) and dvd2vob (freeware)

I'm thinking: C then B then A.
What do you think?

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  1. I say how you originally listed it A) B) than C).

    You will get little gaming benefit from a SSD, except it will load faster (not FPS). With BFBC2, it is more CPU heavy and will receive a nice boost with the X3 435. Follow that up with the 5770, you have a decent gamer. SSD should be the last option you purchase... IMO
  2. Thanks, tecmo34.
    Any other opinions?
  3. I agree with what you originally planned like techmo but I believe BFBC2 can actually utilize up to 4 cores (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe you can bump your cpu up to a quad as it should give you higher fps than a triple and would help with your video conversion too.

    Edit: woops linked a combo for canadians and the mobo isn't ddr2 memory standard.

    Anyways try to look for a good combo with a quad.
  4. If I can chip in as well,
    Asrocks m3a770de is a lovely little plate for the x3 435, and dont forget, theres always the chance of unlocking that 4th core :P
    Not a given, but nice if you can get a quad for less money

    but yeah, I'd go mobo+chip first, then gfx then ssd

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