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I just had a laptop (really old) with an SSD in it (not so old). I just built a desktop, and moved my SSD over there. But before I install a new version of Windows (I can't use the Windows version on that hard drive 'cause it's 32 bit), I want to make sure that the SSD isn't messed up in any way. The laptop was dropped rather heavily, and immediately started having problems booting. In order to boot, I had to repeatedly press F8 (it was Lenovo) and boot that way. I COULD NOT boot from the Windows disc. Again, I COULD NOT boot from the disc. Because of that, I couldn't do r/chkdsk. Now, it's in my new desktop (it won't boot). How can I make sure that I'm not installing Windows on a damaged SSD?

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  1. download and install SSDLife Free version -
  2. You can boot off of an Ubuntu or Fedora LiveCD and check the drive from there. run the tool palimpsest to get information including SMART data from the drive.
  3. I've backed it up already. I managed to boot off of the Windows 7 CD. Is it possible to do r/chkdsk off of the CD with no OS? I formatted the drive (knowing the consequences).
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