5770 vs 5870 for CRT monitor.!!!!!!!

which of this 2 graphic card suitable for my monitor and i also can save my $$$ to... :D

my p.c spec

500 watt psu cooler master
motherboard asusM4A78
2G of RAM
Nvidia 9400GT
CPU Cooler HyperZ600

i want to upgrade my pc... any suggest all my friends..???????
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  1. CRT? You're likely running 1024x768, or 1280x1024. An HD5770 will max out everything for that monitor. I'd advise instead of an HD5870, get a good 23'' monitor and an HD5850 ($580), or just an HD5770 (diminished performance, though ($330) ).
  2. There is a few games that one can max out a 5870 on a crt......... Mine does 1600x1200 dump 16x aa or higher with 16x af with a few extra touches on top then you will easily be looking at less than 60 fps. Not all of us play for speed. I rather play at 20 fps and every look at their best than 60 fps when every thing looks like sh^t.
  3. so... i need to move from CRT to LCD or what...?
  4. I'd get an HD5850 with at least a 22'' widescreen LCD. You won't regret the visuals, and the HD5850 is a great card as well. You'll also be pushing towards the limits of your PSU with an HD5870.
  5. What resolutions can your CRT handle at a reasonable refresh rate?
  6. 1792x1344 at 85hz
  7. Thanks for the info but I was asking the OP :p
  8. mine 1024x1164 at 85hz i guest... hehe i dont realy remember my monitor resolution but in 1024 something la....
  9. What is your CPU? We need to know that so we don't recommend you a GPU that is bottle-necked by your processor.
  10. ok.. sory.2 my spec is

    500watt psu
    AMD Phenomx4 955
    asus motherboard M4A78
    2G RAM
    9400 GT......

    Please... Help me.
  11. you should upgrade your crt to lcd if you want a 5770 or 5870

    or get a 5750 to max games in that res
  12. Grab an HD5770 now, and then worry about a monitor upgrade in the coming months,.
  13. ok thank for that important imformation you all...... :-)
  14. Yeah, an HD5770 should be extremely good for your current resolution whether it is 1024x768 or 1280x1024. It will also serve you well if you upgrade the monitor. Both an HD5770 and very nice 1680x1050 LCD monitor should still cost significantly less than an HD5870 and would be a good combination.
  15. So... In this case if i still use CRT monitor... HD5770 are good enough right...?
  16. dinkle85 said:
    So... In this case if i still use CRT monitor... HD5770 are good enough right...?

    Honestly it isn't that hard to max out modern cards while still using a CRT but yes a 5770 is good enough.
  17. k... i know from your comment you really want me to change my CRT to LCD monitor right... Hahaha. :-)
  18. dinkle85 said:
    k... i know from your comment you really want me to change my CRT to LCD monitor right... Hahaha. :-)

    What I am saying there isn't a need to replace it. If it is large enough for your needs and can get a decent ress by 4:3 standards then keep it. Plus they last for decades unlike standard LCD/plasma. They would last much longer but flat panel displays often suffer from every thing like dead pixels to psu failure.
  19. CRTs are actually slightly superior imo but your resolution(and surely screen size) are quite low by today's standards. A larger, higher res monitor will make a world of difference in terms of overall gaming experience. If someone were to lend you one for a few days you would hate going back to your tiny CRT.
  20. Hehe.. Ok thank my friends. Actually i had play a few game in LCD monitor such Crysis:Warhead and Prototaip and yeppp... there are lot different between those 2 screen.. LCD are lot better display from CRT.

    The reason i dont want to change my CRT cause i want to spent my money only for computer performance. if i buy LCD then i should calculate my budget again... :-(
  21. Well, you can get the card for now and work on the monitor later. However you were discussing possibly getting an HD5870 to begin with. Like I said earlier an HD5770 + a nice 1680x1050 LCD should be less than an HD5870 and would be a good combo in terms of performance. I don't know about where you are but in the US that would cost $300ish if done right while the HD5870 alone is $400ish.
  22. Ooo... i am from Malaysia, so the price for computer component are a bit expensive than US

    That why i should calculate my budget before buy computer component... :-)
  23. I'd imagine the HD5870 is a similarly higher price though so the general situation likely still applies.
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