All cores are zero degrees?

So i just recently decided to OC, and downloaded a few temp checking program, like core temp. However it seems to show all cores at zero degrees, which of course isn't right. I then used amd overdrive and it also shows 0 degrees across the board.

is my temperature detector dead?, does this warrant a RMA? thanks alot
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  1. Did you unlock your processor to a quad or is it natively a 955?

    Try using a different temp monitoring program like hw monitor instead, some of the programs seem to have trouble with certain boards and processors.
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    with core temp i have found out that turning on the ACC function (or Core unlock, depending on board) makes it so you can't read the temps. This has happened on my Phenom II X4 810 (unlocking L3 cache) and my friends Athlon II x4 (attempting to unlock L3 cache)
  3. ah, your right about the ACC causing the trouble. thanks alot for the replies
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