Computer won't cold boot


When I try to boot up my computer after letting it cool down (off for 30 mins? approx) it won't start up.

i usually have to turn it off and on for about 2 minutes before it will finally start up.

also, i can't seem to get my ram to run at the advertised speed. its rated ddr3 1600, but it wont wont recognize all the ram unless i run it at 1066, i don't know if these two issues are related or not.

Also, it seems that 2 of my pci-e plugs from my psu doesnt work (the non-modular ones do not work). i'm not sure if thats an issue or not either

i think it may be a ram issue that's causing my problems, but i'm not sure.

i was curious if you guys had any advice,


i7 930
Antec TruePower New TP-750 Blue 750W
G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
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  1. i've gone through the entire list before posting :P sorry i forgot to mention that
  2. Did you also try breadboarding and read everything in proximon's thread?

    Should also list full build, like what your MOBO is for example.

    Most likely issue is a bad connection somewhere. This is either a bad cabling/installation (hence pointing you at those threads) or a bad MOBO or PSU, in which case you'd have to swap them out for known working components and see what happens.
  3. Even though you have a better than average PSU, I suspect power problems are causing your cold boot problem.

    I think the RAM issue is a separate problem. What kind of RAM?
  4. i had that issue...i think it was ram for me...check for mobo website and see if your ram is listed as compatible with your mobo

    also list your mobo and ram models
  5. my ram is gskill

    i have an asus p6x58d-e. my ram is listed under the mobo manual as compatible.

    i have built the computer on cardboard, and it was the same problem. I haven't replied for a while as I was gonna add a new hd to my computer...i guess there really wasnt a reason to not reply, but for some reason i suspect it may be my psu too...

    memtest shows the ram to be perfectly ok, but i suppose it should be since once it starts up its okay.

    as for an update: my computer apparently will not wake from sleep either. if the hdds turn off from sleep, then when i hit the mouse everything will start spinning again, but the display will not show (im running my os off of an ssd though...dont know if that changes anything)

    my guess is between psu or gfx card...leaning towards psu
  6. hmmm...then i would lean toward PSU

    but have you tried running memtest on cold i did that and it gave me a bunch of errors but when not in cold boot it didn't
  7. i cant run memtest on cold boot since the monitor wont display on cold boot.

    im gonna try pulling a psu from a friend today...i just hope it still works :p and i'll see if thats the problem or not
  8. turns out someone took his i cant test the psu :(
  9. hmmm....monitor won't display in cold boot that is weird?
  10. yeah, the monitor wasn't displaying before.

    well, i left the machine off for 2-3 days, and then just turned it on now. It cold boots now, but it only registers 4 gigs of ram instead of 6 gigs (im sure if i let it run for ~3 mins and restart it'll register 6 gigs).

    im running memtest+ on the 4 gigs
  11. hmmm...weird

    i still think is the ram...
  12. yeah, could be. i might just rma that if i cant get a test pair somewhere :(
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