Will an SSD make FRAPS record with less lag?

I've been wanting an SSD do a long time now and was wondering if getting an SSD and installing the OS+Programs (Like Fraps) on it and using the hard drive to put everything else.

So, will getting a SSD make FRAPS record with less lag?

I heard that the reason FRAPS lags it because its reading and writing with the same 1 drive.

Also, recommendations? I wont spend over $100 and honestly I really dont even want to spend $100, $80 is more comfortable for me.

I was thinking this 64GB Crucial M4:

But a lot of people are reporting it dies in less than 1 year, so I want something that'll last.
Also, my motherboard is only up to 3gbps, getting a new sometime in May 2013.
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  1. I think more ram will make your FRAPS less laggy.
  2. Ram isn't the issue, it's write speed as the vid is being written to the hdd as it's recording. But compressed any modern 7200rpm hdd can record 1080p at 30fps. I only have 1 hdd 500gb wd blue and I can only sustain 50fps 1080p60. The vid is ~75MB/s, cpu usage is ~65% on i5 2500k stock, ram doesn't change. If you were to get an ssd, don't put fraps on it, you want to record to it.
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    Have you checked the official Fraps forums? The forums contain quite a bit of useful information.

    The answer to your question is an ssd will not make Fraps record with less lag. If Fraps is installed on an ssd, then Fraps will load quicker. That's about it. Do not expect miracles.

    Am I correct in assuming your comment about a lot of people reporting the Crucial m4 dies within a year is based on newegg customer feedback? If so, then I must caution to not pay too much attention to those comments.

    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the Crucial section where you will find quite a few links to technical reviews of the m4. Click on the links to read the technical reviews.
  4. So, if I want less lag while recording, I have too be recording to the SSD, correct?

    Thinking about getting this SSD if that's the case:
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  6. when write on ssd got faster ? if the video is record and on hdd it will write as the hdd write speed ?
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