Does damage in proceser pin effect the CPU?

i have just removed the processor but mistakenly touch hard on processor and got up raised few pins. so what is the solution to fix the pin
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  1. Quote:
    and got up raised few pins.

    Can't even begin to guess what your asking here. If this is an Intel build the motherboard is probably shot. You might as well buy a new board. If this is an AMD build, try straightening the pins if all they are is bent. If they are broke, odds are good the chip won't work anymore.
  2. bend the pins back into position. I have dropped a cpu before and bent pins. just make sure you bend them back into position properly. do NOT install the processor with the pins bent, you will likely fry it.
  3. A mechanical pencil works great to straighten bent pins. Take out the lead from the pencil, slide it over the bent pin, gently straighten them back out.
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