Do I need SSD if I have 1 gbps internet?

Theoretically, if I am downloading a torrent and my download speed is always 950-1000 mbps, will it bottleneck if I only have a hard disk?
Do I need an SSD?
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  1. you dont need an ssd. you need enough ram so that your torrent is downloaded to a ramdisk then moved to your completed folder on your hard disk when done
  2. You’re getting your terminology confused.

    Internet download speeds are measured in Gbps (lower case b), which means Gigabit per second.
    HDD & SSD Read/Write speeds are measured in GB/s (Upper case B) means Gigabyte per second.

    900 Gbps is equal to 112.50GB/s. 1,000 Gbps is equal to 125GB/s.

    I don’t know the model of your hard drive but I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any bottleneck issues.
  3. boju said:

    :D That's the exact site I used to come up with the numbers.
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