Perc H700 with Asus P8P67 pro V3.1

Anyone succeeded with this combination: Perc H700 with Asus P8P67 pro V3.1?

I cannot get it to start POST - fails before the the video init, mem-ok lights up red.
I tried disabling all onboard storage controllers with no help. Slots changing, removing video card, etc. does not help either.
Tried two different cards.

Asus support was useless.
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  1. I'm currently looking at getting the Dell perc h710 to use on my asus p8p67 pro also, what slot are you running the card in?
    as i believe the card need an 8x, and i know that the p8p67 pro has 2 pcie 16x ports (blue and white i believe) and 1 (size wise 16x) 4x port (black), you need to plug the card into 1 of the full 16x slots (if you have a graphics card in the other one it'll downclock to 8x + 8x.

    let me know if this helps as i'd like to know before i get the h710
  2. I tried all slots, the 8x-white was my first choice obviously.
    Let me know if your setup works - I still hope I overlooked something.
  3. Minor(?) progress to report: if I drop the installed memory below 8GB (remove one stick), the system boots, but would not recognize the controller. It's like it is not there at all: no Option ROM appears during boot and the OS (Win7x64) does not see it.

    Going even further down in RAM size does not change anything. Even one stick would be the same.
  4. Hey mike4thf,

    I have a p8p67 Pro, and both a PERC 5i and 6i that have the same issue. Dropping down to 8 GB of RAM allowed POST, and allowed the Option ROM to run! I did this with the PERC 6/i but I haven't tested with the 5/i yet. One thing I noticed in the Option ROM is there's a way to make the card NOT run it's option ROM, right in the settings. You might try installing the LSI tools in Windows and seeing if you can change that setting from their config tool. I don't know how else you'd change that setting back once you've set it.

    Also, if you've managed to fix the issue so that you can boot with 16 GB of RAM I'd love to hear how. I haven't been able to figure that one out yet.
  5. Hi aarmenaa,

    Dropping down to 8 GB of RAM allowed POST

    I had 8G to begin with. Dropping to 6GB allowed boot, but the card is not visible in the OS.

    For the time being, I moved an old RRaid 2310, into this system. It boots, the card is visible and the volumes are operational. However, I do not get Option ROM for RR card either.

    I believe ASUS did a lousy job on the h/w support, spending most of their attention to the OC. (I must admit - I love how easy it is to OC this mobo to a decent 4.2GHz, when you need to).

    On the other hand, this chipset is hard to "fill up" with decent hardware anyway. You don't get enough of the pcie bus to serve a decent GPU and a pcie-x8 card together. Even adding that RR card (x4 I think) made me choose to either downgrade GPU bandwidth or to skip on eSata and USB3.0 ports.

    Let me know if you get anything from their support - I'd be very interested to move to a better raid.
  6. Quote:
    I had 8G to begin with. Dropping to 6GB allowed boot, but the card is not visible in the OS

    Interesting. I wonder if the issue isn't so much the the capacity of the RAM installed, but the number of modules installed. I started with 4 x 4GB. I'm guessing you started with 4 x 2GB. I got a working card when I went down to two modules, and you got a half-working card when you went down to three modules.

    Would you mind trying the card with only two RAM modules installed? That would give us a pretty good idea of where the limitations are.

    Also, I'm pretty sure my board is Revision 3.0, which differs slightly from yours.
  7. The number of sticks theory makes sense. I did try going even lower before - the system behaves exactly as with 3 sticks in it.
  8. You may have the same issue many users experienced with the Perc 5/5i On Intel chipsets:

    I read somewhere that the H700 suffers the same issues. The above link is great for other pieces of information such as cooling the damn thing when not used in a Dell active cooled case.

    Right now I have an H700 running with an older Athlon X4 Black and an Asus M4A78Pro Motherboard and it works fine, except it's getting too hot. I need to implement better cooling before completing my build with a newer motherboard. I have it in a Cooler Master Storm Trooper case and I will be adding addition case fans (and a fan next to the card) for testing heat.

    Good luck with your build.
  9. picasso566 said:
    You may have the same issue many users experienced with the Perc 5/5i On Intel chipsets:

    I read somewhere that the H700 suffers the same issues.

    Wow, thanks - I'll definitely try that.
  10. I finally tried the the solution picasso566 suggested:

    and it looks like it is the issue: and the mobo boots up now. The controller is quickly getting too hot though, so I did not proceed with the drivers. Need to fix the cooling before going any further.
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