Thermal event (overheating)

After a several minutes it was automatically shutdown and shows warning " the previous shutdown was due to thermal event (overheating ". I already check the fan and it was spinning and clean my entire board. And I also replaced the processor heatsink/fan but still i get the same result. Can anyone tell whats the possible solution for this?? any reply was appreciated:)

i have a intel desktop board, Pentium 4 and 256 RAM.
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    You replaced the heatsink/fan?
    your next move is to tell us if you cleaned off the old thermal paste and applied some new paste before reseating the H.s, or not, in which case, thats most likely your source of the problem
  2. Also check you removed protective plastic shield over bottom of heatsink.
  3. When you boot it up, go into bios and check your temps, see if they continue to rise. If you can boot all the way into windows, download HW monitor and post your temps
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  5. Thank to all...i got what needed to do...i forgot to put up a net thermal paste:)
  6. Glad you sorted it out man, and Thank you for B.a.
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