Which is better...?

I was wondering which GPU is best now....

1) Radeon HD 5970
2) GTX 480

I need to know this....Please help....(if possible please give me detail about it)
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  1. A search in the forums would give you the answer.
    5970 performs better than a GTX 480
  2. The 5970 performs better, runs much cooler, and uses less power. Although Nvidia could improve the 480 in time with better drivers..
  3. Look up some charts from the GTX 480's release; there'll be comparisons agains tthe HD5970 with those. It's an obvious in.
  4. Guys stay on topic,the OP is asking about 5970 vs GTX 480 and no one knows about the future,so talk about current time to help him
    Had to delete some replies so i had to mention this
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