(Noob) What wires go into a HDD (I may be missing one)

Hey guys I probably sound like I'm asking a dumb question but I can't figure this out anywhere. I can't find the cable that goes into my Hard Drive. I have one of them - the SATA cable.... but I don't know what the other plug even is. I think its either the data transfer or the power cable but I'm missing one of them. By the way I'm using a Caviar Blue Western Digital hard drive.
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  1. there is only 2 needed . .
  2. I don't see how to add a picture but if you could tell me I'll be happy to show you what I'm referring to.
  3. Yeah there is a third plug on some hard drives that I know of (my Seagates have it), but you don't need to use it and I also don't know what it's for. All you need is the SATA connector and SATA power.
  4. Thanks, just to clarify, since I can't figure out how to upload a picture, if you google "western digital caviar blue," it's the last picture on the first row. Then on that picture it's the port on the left that isn't a SATA cable... regardless I think I'm missing one and when I try to install windows, it can't find the drive which made me think I'm missing a cable in the first place...
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    if your talking about the circled part , thats just jumper plugs, sata drives dont need to use them
  6. From left to right, with the label up, it goes SATA power, SATA Data, jumper pins(two rows of 4 pins). Don't mess with the jumper settings.
  7. Thanks guys I got it figured out and I'm typing this on my NEW PC!!!
  8. nice! glad you got all your problems sorted.
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