955 BE Too Hot!

Hi guys i've recently purchased a new CPU and 3 different coolers to see why it is so hot.

originally i purchased a hyper 212 plus and it ran 44c idle. I reapplied the heat sink with different pastes and methods. Then i returned the item because i was unhappy. i installed the stock cooler and had the same temp readings. Then i decided to go with coolit eco alc (liquid cooling) and i still have 44c idle temps. i found out that i had a small scratch on my processor but i didnt think that would make a big deal since it had applied thermal paste correctly.

before this i had a 9550 that ran much cooler high 20c on my ecs motherboard but ever since i installed my 2 timed rma asus m3a32mvp deluxe i have ran hot temps constantly with different CPU's.

Please help this is driving me insane!!
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  1. Maybe the temp readings are wrong...

    How are you reading the temps?
  2. What are you using to read your temps? Did you check your load temps to see if there was a significant difference between them? Most aftermarket coolers dont drop your idle temp too much but they help a lot with the load temps.

    Also check in BIOS to make sure that cool'n'quiet is turned on, that will help drop your idle temps.
  3. i am using amd overdrive and the bios to read the temps. just installed the 955 be stock cooler on a 720be and i overclocked it to 3.2 with idle temps of 32. is the motherboard reading the temps wrong? if it is im happy since its still under waranty.
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