Need help setting up an SSD/HDD on a new system

I recently just built a new system and installed windows. I have a 120Gb SSD with the OS installed as the C drive and a 2TB HDD as the D-drive. I would like to use the SSD to boot Windows and for a few select programs but I would like the HDD for everything else such as games and other programs. I need help setting that up and having the HDD as the D-drive but with the properties of your typical C-drive with program files and whatnot. I sure hope someone can help. I know the cyberpower PC's ship with a setup like this with the SSD only booting the OS and the HDD running everything else. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am pretty new to PC building and PC's in general I guess. :whistle:
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    I think all that they are doing there is a registry hack to change the default install path. The registry keys in question depend on your OS version. Try Google.
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