Virtualized Surround Headset if I Have a Sound Card?

I'm looking to buy a nice headset with microphone that can give an accurate surround sound quality. I've been looking at all the different types, and it seems most of the 5.1s and all the 7.1s are just virtualized surround through usb. I'm wondering if buying such a headset would be useless if I already have a soundcard from the creative X-Fi line. If I'm correct since these cards can virtualize 7.1, would it be a waste getting a "fake" surround headset like a Logitech G35 or Lazer Megalodon. Would buying a 3.5mm jack headset with regular stereo speakers, and then using it through my sound card, produce the same results as I would see from the type of cards I mentioned?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. no, virtual sound is in most peoples opinion (including mine, i have g35s) far better than multi driver headsets.

    with multi driver headsets you get obvious seperation with different sound sources. with virtual surroudn there are only 2 drivers, but they use deflectors to make the sound directional.
    they need their own sound card for this though, so your current sound card would be bypassed completely.

    however, if you just buy a 3.5mm headset you will onyl be getting stereo. doesn't matter what sound card you have, the headphones will not support 7.1.
  2. Thanks for the answer. How do you like the g35 in comparison to other 7.1 or 5.1s? I hear they don't have the best build quality, but maybe I'm incorrect.
  3. the build quality is definitely the weakest point.

    my friend has megolodaons, which have sound quality on par but much better build quality. very nice if you have the cash, but once they are on your head you dont really notice the difference, so i wouldn't say they are worth the extra cash unless you have it to spare.

    ive used multi-driver surround headsets, and dislike them. you can hear when sound is moving between drivers, and there is clear separation in the channels. but virtual surround, i can assure, works very well on the directional front. it gives a huge advantage for online gaming, and im constantly accused of hacking because i can hear a persons exact location from their footsteps. its excellent.

    i really would recommend sticking with virtual. the G35s are excellent, and really for the price you cant complain about them being light flimsy and lose fitting (and its really not by a huge degree, just enough to make it noticeable)
    megolodons are great, but only if you are loaded.
  4. I'm using Roccat Kave which is multi-driver headset and I'm very very found of it. It is connected to the XtremeGamer card.

    I tried few head set/phones but so far I like those the most. I have them for already an year and can not complain on anything.
    Also can stress enough how good is the spatial feeling. In normal headsets the sound feels too close... I mean I can distinguish the position but not the distance. While with those I can do that.
  5. I the Roccat Kaves and was considering them, but couldn't find info about getting them in America... Any ideas?
  6. you could get a quality headset, like senns pc350 and get a soundcard which has the dolby headphone feature.
  7. i thought that a x-fi card will give you virtual surround? i have a x-fi titanium card and it has CMSS-3D feature which im pretty sure will give me virtual surround with any stereo headset i purchase.can someone please confirm this because i think that prior post says it wont work without a headset with 7.1 surround support.i planned on possibly buying the razer carcharias and hooking it up to my xi-fi card for virtual surround.let me know,thanks in advance
  8. i just realized this post was months old,im going to ask this question on a new thread
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