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Could I create a partition with windows 7 installation files on it, mark it active, then install windows from it?
Basicly always have an emergency partition for reinstalling windows.
If not. Can I use my 8gb ssd and install from it?
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  1. i have done what you first asked and it was a pretty handy way to install windows (actually it was vista cuz . .well i reinstalled vista a lot)

    however it would not be "bootable". you would need to know how to use the command prompt to navigate to the partition and use setup.exe
  2. Seems it's be easier and make more sense to use a flash drive as Microsoft makes a tool for that, it's bootable and flash drives are cheap.

    If I were going to bother with a harddrive I'd have an image there taken after install/activation/updates/basic programs were installed. Much quicker to restore to"new"
  3. im putting windows 8 on my ssd, how would i boot the install
  4. What exactly are you trying to do? Have a way to go back to 7 if you install 8? Or...?

    There's instructions on how to create a USB boot stick on the page, or you just burn the ISO, and then you just select to boot from whichever one, so I guess I'm not getting the question.
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