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I am planning to get q9400 core 2 quad . which is suitable mother board ?
EP45T-USB3P or P55_ud3l_TPM ?should i uppgrade my 4GB ddr2 800MHZ ram or it will work fine on these motherboards ?
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  1. What is your current PC specifications, and how much do you plan to spend?
  2. SamikSamik said:

    I am planning to get q9400 core 2 quad . which is suitable mother board ?
    EP45T-USB3P or P55_ud3l_TPM ?should i uppgrade my 4GB ddr2 800MHZ ram or it will work fine on these motherboards ?

    Core 2 Quad wont fit in a P55 chipset....
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- What's ur budget?
    2- As Snipergod87 says, the P55 chipset is only for socket 1156 not for 775.
    3- Do u want Crossfire or SLI?
  4. The post title says an upgrade but your query hints a new build.. What are you exactly looking for.?
  5. I can pay for mobo & cpu ...but i want to but 5850 or 5830 ...& because my CPU is Waek for that card ..i decided to upgrade it ...but now i ask my self ...should i upgrde my motherboard ....or can i get both CPU & Vga & see them work well on my Motherboard .....??!! Thanks a lot
  6. 1- What GPU and RAM do u have?
    2- If u go with the same socket (775) u can reuse the DDR2 RAM that u have but be sure that u buy a mobo that support DDR2 and not DDR3.
  7. I am using 9600 Gt 1gb 256 bit & 4GB 800MHZ ddr 2 RAM .... My mobo is GA P31 DS3L ..so should i expect that 5850 will work fine on my mobo ...or Q9400 CPU !!? are they compatible with my RAM & Motherboard ?
  8. 1- Personal info isn't permitted in the body threads.
    2- What is ur budget for the upgrades?
    3- The 5850 can works in any mobo that has PCI-E slot but u also need a good PSU for that.
  9. The HD 5850 will surely work with your current motherboard.. Its based on the pci-e 2.0 interface which is backward compatible with pci-e 1.0 (your current motherboard features a pci-e 1.0 slot i guess).. Am not sure if the q9400 will work or not.. I guess it requires a motherboard with support for 1333MHz fsb.. I am not cent percent sure on this but i think your motherboard does not supports that fsb..
  10. But i saw i My Mobo CPU support List & Q9400 were there .... on the box of my mobo .. it says that my mobo is supporting multi processors { Quad Core } .... It means that i can run q9400 fine on my MOBO ? or Not ?Please help me with this problem ...& thanks for advice
  11. Yeah the Q9400 is on the CPU support list of the mobo and that means that u can install it and run it without problems BUT be sure that u update the BIOS to the F10a version or better that is the BIOS version required for run that CPU.
  12. Sorry .... Can you Tell me how to UPDATE it ...should i update it from an intenet or somewhere else ? if you dont mind please give me the LINK !!! Thanks a lot for helping me
  13. Of course man, I'm here to help u.

    Go here and select BIOS after that select the BIOS F10a version to download it.

    After that download the manual and read the page 62 to 66 to know how update the BIOS.
  14. saint19 said:
    Of course man, I'm here to help u.

    Go here and select BIOS after that select the BIOS F10a version to download it.

    After that download the manual and read the page 62 to 66 to know how update the BIOS.

    Thanks a lot my friend .. you realy helped me out :wahoo: :D :hello:
  15. Your welcome, if u need more help let me know.
  16. I download it bt i have Got Core 2 Duo1.8GHz E2160 Installed on my MOBO ... will this update harm my cpu or system..? or its common update for every CPU & PC ?
  17. a bios update is basically something you only update when you need to. Usually it add's support for new cpus (like the q8400) that weren't out when they made it. It won't harm your system unless you somehow brick it (loosing power mid update etc).

    Its totally safe if you do it properly and does no harm other than fixing problems or adding support for new products.
  18. Update the BIOS version of the CPU is a safety process if u do it in the correct way so, read the manual and do all the steps.

    The BIOS update is do it with the previous CPU since u want install a CPU that isn't supported by the mobo with the current BIOS and that process isn't dangerous for the CPU or the mobo.
  19. Thanks a Lot
  20. Your welcome and come back to the forum ;)
  21. How big is 5850 { i mean the size } is it bigger than 9600GT or ...it can fit in any case ...my case seem to be big enough ...but some one { that i hate him :pfff: } told me that u should change your case because 5850 is too big ... i think he is idiot :pt1cable: ...but lets just make sure about it ..is it true :heink: ?or a big lie ? & Let me ask you are you enjoying of giving answers to me ...or you just geting bored when your answering my stupid :pt1cable: Quastions :D ;) !!
  22. A 9600GT can be 9 inches long or 7.8 inches long, depending on the model.
    Most HD 5850s are 9.5 inches long.
  23. What case do u have? The 5850 size is 9.5 inch or max 10 inch so even in a mid tower case this GPU fit.

    I enjoy it, since with every answer I learn something more.
  24. Don't forget to allow enough room back of the video card to plug in the PCI-e power connectors.

  25. Thats Great ... Thanks for info.... my case is PORSCHE { correct if iam wrong }... & its almost new & Big ...but any way thanks ...i wish i have no problem geting this VGA .. Can you say 5770 & 5830 Size too ?? & my 9600 is GYGATRON { shop keeper told me its a brench of GYGABYTE } 256 Bit GDDR3 ..
  26. I have learnt many things Since I'v membered in tomshardware site ... & you know why its good ..because your not shop keepers to care about your money ...your a good persons ..that care about people like me ! sorry my english is so bad ...its because of geting no class of English & lear nothing about it ... but i will go in next summer ...to can ask you my Quastions correctly ..to you do not waste your time ..& understand & correct them :D .
  27. Top to bottom: 5870 / 5850 @ 9.5" / 5830 @11.1" / 5770 @ 8.2"
    (there maybe some shorter 5830s out there as well)

  28. 5770: 8.5 inches or 9. inches max
    5830: 10.5 inches to 12 inches
  29. Don't worry, your English skills are working OK for you.
  30. The English isn't a problem u can learn here too even the English isn't my 1st language.
  31. If you're thinking HD 5830 - don't forget to think about the GTX 460 if it's priced about the same. GTX 460 @ ~8.2" (209mm)

  32. Thanks a Lot ... so i should go for 5850 .. its not probably biger than my GA p31 DS3L mobo ... No ? i mean if mobo fits with my case so 5850 will surly do ... what do you think ?
  33. So Please suggest me the best brands of ATI cards ... & tell me is there any diffrence in brands i mean diffrente brands have diffrente speed & performance ?
  34. Your GA P31 DS3L mobo is 8.3" - you should make sure there is enough extra space to plug in the PCI-e power cables.

    1. Sapphire / XFX / HIS
    2. Powercolor / Visontek / Asus / Gigabyte

    Different brands should have very similar speed/performance. Just check the Core Clock speed and Memory Clock speeds as they can differ even in the same brand. Example:
    Sapphire HD 5850 725Mhz / 1000Mhz and Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5850 735Mhz / 1050Mhz
    We don't suggest paying extra extra for the faster HD 5850s since you can overclock the less expensive model to match
  35. Oh you mean if i get longer VGA card { 8 or 10 inche } i may have a Space problem ? no one has installed 5850 VGA fine on GA P31 DS3L yet ? so what should i do now ..should i UPGARDE my Mobo ? what about Case ?
  36. You're motherboard should be OK.

    You need to inspect your case, and maybe measure, to make sure you have room behind the video card slot to fit the PCI-e power cables. Make sure there is nothing that will keep you from plugging in the power cables at the back of the card.

  37. What power supply will you be using with the HD 5850?

    .. and you probably want to confirm the actual length of the HD 5850 that you pick.
  38. I am thinking about geting CORSAIR - TX650 because someone told me its great power & can Provide 5850 needs ...now what . ... so if i had such problem .....what i should do ....CHANGE MY CASE ?? or MOBO ??
  39. HD 5850 and Corsair 650TX is a good match.

    Do you need to change your case? Have you checked to see if a HD 5850 will fit?
  40. Not yet till i open it ... where i should look ...behind the case ? in the CAse?i have 9600 running fine on my PC ... so your saying MOBO is fine but case may have a problem { even if it has } ?
  41. You'll have to open the case. That's the only way you'll figure out if you can fit a HD 5850 in your case.

    How much space is between the motherboard and any part of the case that would block a longer video card or a video card power cable?
  42. Ok i will do it but please tell me ... Motherboard is fine ? if i had a problem that your saying ... which should be changed ? MOTHERBOARD or CASE ?
  43. Unknown at this time.
  44. I think it could be the case, because I haven`t heard that MOBO is limiting space for a new GPU.
  45. It could possibly be where the PCI-e slot on the motherboard lines up to conflict with case internal structure. Or where HDDs are installed that intrude into the case interior when there aren't any alternate HDD mounting locations.
  46. Motherboard is fine because all that 5850 need is 1 PCI-e Slot { that my mobo already has}
    so i think its CASE ...no ? if it is please suggest me a good CASE { not so expensive }
  47. Please inspect your case and find out if a HD 5850 will fit.
  48. OK .. THANKS .
  49. Which is the Best powerSupply from { GREEN - GP785B , GREEN - GP885B , CORSAIR - TX650 , Cooler Master 700W } mark first , second & third best powers from those 4 that i wrote to you ONLY ..thanks a lot :D are these a suitable psu s for Q9400 CPU :sol:
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