GTS 240 vs ATI 5670

The problem is

If i buy GTS 240 i will need to get a PSU, so its like

GTS 240 (1GB) + PSU = ATI 5670 (1GB)

The price is the same, but only this is in ATI 5670 i will not need an external PSU, my current one (china) will work good as it takes power from PCI-E Slot.

My max resolution is 1440x900, so which one will be better.
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  1. Dump the old "china" PSU, and invest in a proper one, if you don't want to end up frying your system.
  2. The HD5670 performs better. It will work good for your res.
  3. i am planning to get ATI 5670 so that i don't need to buy any PSU, because it will be out of my budget. So will my China PSU be safe with 5670, coz 5670 takes power from PCI-E slot, like my Geforce 9400 GT does.
  4. It is hard to tell since you did not tell us the size of the China PSU.
  5. The GT240 doesn't exactly use alot of power. If your PSU can't handle it, what makes you think it can handle a 5670?
  6. gt 240 is worse than a 5670

    5670 is faster, same price, and consumes relatively same power
    however u should upgrade to a 5750... better performance for only $20-30 more
  7. I'm Pretty sure the 240 doesn't need a power conector anyways and just bcause they don't draw that much power garentees your psu can take it. But strickly performace wise the 5670 is better than he 240
  8. the only reason i am buying 5670 does not require direct power from PSU, it takes it from PCI-E slot.My budget is not too high so if i buy 5750 i will need to buy a good external power supply worth 50$ which is out of my budget.

    so i might actually buy some 400W normal PSU that i get in stores, and 5670 will run well in it ? or their are chances of any problems with PSU?

    I have Geforce 9400 GT from 1 year and i am having no problem with it.
  9. Can you read for us the wattage and amperage (on the +12v rail) of your PSU? If it's over 250Watts the HD5670 will work fine.
  10. shadow187 said:
    Can you read for us the wattage and amperage (on the +12v rail) of your PSU? If it's over 250Watts the HD5670 will work fine.

    Heres the pics of my PSU details :-

    But thing at concerns me, is that can i run games like GTA IV, RE5,Bad Company 2 at 1440x900 with high settings with 1GB 5670?
  11. Probably not with Bad Company 2, but you shuold be somewhat O.K.
  12. shadow187 said:
    Probably not with Bad Company 2, but you shuold be somewhat O.K.

    is it due to dx11?
  13. BC2 is a very demanding game.
  14. oh, btw my friend has GTS 250, so just wanted to know which is better in terms of performance, GTS 250 512MB or ATI 5670 1GB ?
  15. GTS250 is definitely better. It's on-par with the HD4850.
  16. Did you actually mean GTS 240 or did you mean the GT 240? The GTS 240 is the rebranded OEM version of the 9800GT while the GT 240 is a different card entirely. It's weaker but also uses much less power and does not have a power connector. It actually uses slightly less power than the HD5670.
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    Something uses less than 28 watts jyjjy?

  18. jyjjy, you're comparing total system power to the actual card..
  19. What you say only applies to the second link. The first one has the GT 240 on the list and shows it using less power. The third is only the card and the 4th like I said is a collation.
  20. I read the article;
    Load power paints a different picture however, and this is where the concept of a “power virus” pokes its head up again. The 5670 has a lower TDP than the GT 240 according to the specs published by AMD and NVIDIA - at 61W and 70W respectively - and we have no reason to doubt these numbers. But here the load power of the 5670 is much higher, by just shy of 20W. You’ll notice here that the 4670 is also much lower in spite of similar specs – all of this leads us to believe that the other cards are throttling themselves some as compared to the 5670, whose VRM protection features let it run away compared to these cards. Compared to the 5750 the data is correct, so that makes a better reference point than the GT 240 or 4670.

    Accounting for these quirks, the 5670 should be between the 3rd and 2nd lowest power consuming card that we have on-hand.
  21. I don't understand what that is trying to say. The card is using a certain amount or it isn't. I don't see how why would matter in the end. Is it suggesting that this is something that was cleared up later through drivers or something?
  22. I have no idea whatsoever. What's irritating is the last sentence.
  23. Perhaps it is saying something about the card causes the rest of the system to use more power than others but it's not actually the card that is drawing/using that power itself?
  24. Found the answer;
    Good point. Furmark? problem is ATI treat it as power virus (Cause they saw it as unrealistic load because no game, no program should be able load their card up like that in reality), so block it from 100% hitting the whole card...they did this because the cards PWM would burn out pretty quick. Nvidia just lets furmark go crazy on their cards though.

    Apparently the HD5670 is NOT throttled in furmark?
  25. are their any chances of good cheaper graphic cards like 5670 coming out this year?? I can wait till end of 2010 to buy new graphic card, is waiting a good option?
  26. You will always get more for your money the longer you wait as the prices are always going down as newer, better cards come out. That doesn't mean you should wait, the HD5670 should be very nice for your resolution. Maybe there will be something 20% faster for the same money at the end of the year or the HD5670 will be $20 less but is that really worth not having a viable gaming card for another 8 months?
  27. The HD5750 might come down to it's rightful ~$100 pricepoint, but don't look for anything from nVidia for quite some time in the lower-end market. It's a big one knows what they're going to do.
  28. HD 5670
  29. yea, i am not expecting nvidia to lower their prices, btw in here, g.c are slightly expensive like for ATI 5670 (1GB) = 160$
  30. If a 9800GT is significantly less there you might want to go for one of those instead. You'll want to get one of the newer ones with no power connector. It will give you the same performance as the HD5670 although it does lack DX11 compatibility.
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