Will an SSD give better fps while recording?

was wondering if the Corsair Force GT would give me better speed while recording in fraps? Would the fps gain be different in a low and vs a high end pc.

So a low end pc which i have now with: Will i get better fps while recording if used Force GT?
Gtx560 ti oc,
Intel core 2 duo 3ghz
4gig ddr2 memory.

Im buying a new pc next week: So will an ssd give me better fps with this hige end build?
i7 3770k
GTX 680
16gb corsair vengeance 1866 mhz.
z77 sabertooth.
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  1. with your upcoming build you don't need of SSD for recording because i7 3770k ehm, could handle everything on stock speed. But i recommend ssd for your new build get something like 128gb.
  2. An SSD won't have any effect on your recording. However, I would still highly suggest an SSD for any newer build that is being purchased for performance reasons. I have never, ever heard of anyone say they were not impressed or were disappointed by adding a good SSD to their machine. They do make a big, big difference in simply using the machine for everyday stuff.
  3. SSD will help you out but you have to be mindful of which capacity to get if you want to capture high rez clips for long duration. Make sure you have normal HDD to store your vids afterwards as well.

    You have to note that recording with FRAPS caps your framerate to match the video recording speed, so, if you're recording with FRAPS at 30 fps, your game will not run above 30 fps.
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