Black square mouse pointer

Here is a picture of the problem I have when a mouse pointer changes to a text cursor pointer.

I see this black box frequently and it moves and changes positions when the mouse is stuck between a pointer cursor and a typing cursor.
Its very sometimes. One time it is color green. This situation is when i moving mouse between links on sites.
And very rare. Why ?

It appears to be related somehow with the hardware because when I take a screenshot of it, the box is not there. That is why I had to take the picture with my digital camera.

Uploaded with

Ati powercolor5870 ( the same situation was on Gigabyte 5850 )
4gb ram
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
I5 2,66
catalyst 10,2 ( on other catalysts the same )
Windows 7 ultimate x64
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  1. i try to explain other way:

    Like many others, i was experiencing the 'huge mouse cursor' bug.
    But i'm still having issues with the mouse cursor turning into a semi filled black square.

    I experience the issue a lot when browsing trough the internet. I seem to trigger it whenever i move the mouse cursor over a hyperlink on a page. But now always , its very rare.

    Anyone else having similar problems? Mouse cursor turning to this black square cursor, on internet browser ( sites or links). Just when i move pointer over links for example it shows a black square.
    Its very sometimes. One time it is square of color green.
    And very rare. Why ?
  2. Yesterday's win7 update is supposed to fix these "enlarged" mouse cursor problems.
  3. Just build a new gaming pc to run FSX and have the big block cursor problem It seems to happen when jumping from one monitor to another, 3 screen setup
    graphics are ATI 6870 and running win 7
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