Worried HDD might be dying...

I've been having weird issues with one of my HDDs. To begin with, it started taking much longer to load, for example, if I were playing a game on it, and it needed to load a sound file, the game would freeze for a while until the file finally played and the game unfroze. I was also encoding a video to this drive and it not only took a long time, but it also caused Firefox to freeze a few times (it's on the same HDD that the video was encoding to). Windows is also popping up a window saying it's detected a hard disk problem. Finally, Intel Rapid Storage has popped up a "at risk" warning for the drive.

I'll copy across my importent data, run a check disk and SeaTools on the drive tonight and see if it finds any problems, but what do you think guys? I would hope it's not dying, since it's not even that old (maybe a year, it's actually my second newest drive, I have an even older drive in here)
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  1. Sounds like you are extremely lucky to have the drive give you warning signs in advance. Normally they aren't that considerate. Yes, run seatools, look for SMART errors and RMA the drive as soon as you can. Of course you run the risk of getting a refurb via RMA so make sure your backup solution is working 100%.
  2. Well, I ran a SMART test and it failed :( I'm still able to access the HDD's contents, though copying stuff across is VERY slow, but appears to be working. Is there anything you can suggest, or is about all I can do is try and see what will copy across? In that case, what's the best way to go about this? Should I copy files at a time? All in one shot? Might some files already be corrupt but some not?
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    Be patient,perform in small chunks to avoid corruption.
  4. Yep, as above. Zero in on your important stuff only, dont' bother with the OS or Program files etc.
  5. Thankfully (maybe?) this isn't my OS drive, I just store program installations on it. Yeah, I seem to be having a bit more luck copying small groups of files instead of one big bunch, it usually freezes Explorer when I try to do that. It's taking a long time though, about 40 mins for 1GB, but at least it's actually getting somewhere! How much longer do you think it has, and is there anything I should/should not do in the meantime?
  6. From the sounds of it, not long. Get an RMA number for it and get a replacement shipped to you. (assumes it's still under warranty)
  7. What will happen when it does die? I won't be able to open it up any more?

    Thankfully, it's still under warranty!
  8. yep, prolly just die, bricked.
  9. It's still going! I have officially started referring to this hard drive as a "zombie": it appears to be dead, and yet, it's contents can still be accessed, though many of the files only copy across MUCH MUCH slower than normal. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?
  10. The speed reduction is likely the drive being bogged down with errors during the copy process. Make sure your files are accessible once you have copied them over.
  11. Slow because it is coming to an end for the drive.Good Luck hope you get it all!
  12. Well, it eventually got to the point where the drive was taking hours to even become accessible in Windows. I've decided to announce it's time of death. Had a good run, got a fair amount of stuff off of it, but this is a pretty good lesson to go grab a bunch of cheap older HDDs (say, 1TB) off eBay and use them as backup. It shouldn't matter that they're used, since they will only be operating for short periods of time when I backup stuff to them and retrieve the stuff if I need to. Thanks for your assistance guys!
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