HD 5970 Toxic with 4GB of GDDR5 memory..

is there any beast available from nvidia to beat this card?? :pt1cable:

HD 5970 Toxic with 4GB of GDDR5 memory, claiming that it was the fastest graphics card on the planet.

The card should deliver 2x28,8 GPix/s, a significant increase over 23,2GPix churned out by a run of the mill HD 5980. The texture fill rate was increased from 2x58GTex/s to 2x72GTex/s
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  1. Nope, unless you allow them to dual card (SLI).
  2. Of course it'll be the best single card on the market for quite some time. CF those would be monstrous.
  3. Sapphire isn't the only one launching such a card. XFX and ASUS should also be out with their cards soon. The ASUS card is Ares while the XFX card is the one that comes in that funky wanna be P90 case.
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