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Hi 1st post so hope u guys can help, im using a BT Homehub and for gaming on my xbox360 with xbox wireless adapter. Im stongly considering buying a 10meter Cat 6 ethernet cable. Would this improve performance? I get the occasional bit of lag when gaming and wondered whether a cable solution would solve this. Also my laptop connects wirelessy. Would i get faster download speeds using Cat6 cabling? Thanx
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  1. You will get much better speeds by cable than by wireless.
  2. Wire will always outperform wireless, all other things being equal.

    Only two wireless stations can be communicating at any given time. IOW, access my multiple wireless clients to your wireless router is SERIALIZED. Plus wireless is half duplex (meaning it can't send and receive at the same time). Wireless has one big advantage over wire; convenience. Almost everything else is a disadvantage (performance, security, complexity, cost, etc.). Wireless is particularly problematic to gamers due to higher latency. Everyday tasks aren’t particularly sensitive to this issue (browsing, email, even downloading), but to a gamer even minor latency increases can mean the differences between virtual life and death (at best) or a game that’s literally unplayable (at worst). That’s why gamers are so focused on ping results when evaluating game play.

    In terms of download speeds, most of the time your ISP provides far less bandwidth than either wireless or wire can support anyway. So there’s not going to be that great an impact. It will only become an issue if you have many concurrent wireless clients locally, all competing for access to the wireless router.

    In short, for most ppl with a few wireless clients and NO gaming, wireless is fine. If you do game and/or have many concurrent wireless users (say >4, and involving large amounts of data in particular), then stick w/ wire as much as possible.
  3. The NIC on you XBOX is only 100Mb so CAT 5/5e/6 cables will all work. If you take a look at the cable Microsoft supplied with your XBOX you will notice that there are only 4 wires that are used so the cable can only support up to 100Mb. There are wireless N NICs for the 360 now, but I personally wouldn't go with wireless on the XBOX (or anything else really) unless you can not use wired connections for some reason. As eibgrad stated, your available bandwidth from your ISP is probably not going to hit that 100Mb for the wired connection anyway. Save yourself money and go wired.
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